Nicki Hugged Up With New Boo Meek Mill


This past weekend Nicki & Meek Mill was was spotted out partying  in Hollywood & UBER cuffed up! Two things, saggie gals move on way before a relationship ends & always keep a few or two on side by. Listening to SB’s interview on The Breakfast Club . He clearly states that he was “tired of being treated like an employee”? So there is the red flag waving in the faces of spectators right here. Let’s be honest  your dating the Top Female Emcee in the world  & game but yet she treats you like an employee? Umm wasn’t that what you were? So you crossed business lines and made it personal which always makes for a disastrous relationship behind lyrical Bars. So the outcome is the birth of a Multi-Platinum Pink Print Album & a new dude! You lose!


Outkast to drop album in 2014


Yes it’s true, rumours once again are circulating that hip-hop group #Outkast is getting back together again! First all, I would jump off a build if this group gets back together. We are in desperate in of something outside the box right now & Outkast has always set trends and raised the bar on the hip-hop scene. Being able to cross lanes of music genres without crashing is how they move. Salute to Outkast.

Ohio police Chief targets Kanye West


Kanye has no problem with exercising his #Freedom of speech  right An Ohio police chief posted a letter to Kanye West’s Facebook page telling him to go Afghanistan & then try his mess there? “When the Taliban starts shooting at you perhaps you stand up and let the words flow” Kanye compared his safety to being in concert to being in war or being an police officer and this comment outraged the police chief motivating him to post comments to YE Facebook page. What do you think? Did the police chief go to far?