Eazy-E fans are Straight Outraged


After the release of movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Eazy-E fans took to Twitter & YouTube in a viral riot. Screaming that not only did the late legend not get
his deserved respect for his contributions to the N.W.A movement but that also he was mis-portrayed in the movie.  According to some, the movie caused another conspiracy theory surrounding the late rapper’s death. According to the New York Post, there are several new conspiracy theories now circulating on the Web and people are now beginning to question a whole new selection of possible suspects. With out a doubt Suge Knights past interview on Jimmy Kimmel certainly left people their eyes wide opened when he subliminally referenced Eazy-E’s death. ” Technology is so high. If you shoot somebody, you go to jail forever. You don’t want to go to jail forever… They have a new thing out. They have this stuff called… They get blood from somebody with AIDS and they shoot you with it,” The Def Row co- founder told Jimmy Kimmel  “That’s a slow death. The Eazy-E thing, you know what I mean?”


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